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FYTR adj. /fit·ter/: The state of being stronger, healthier, and happier today than you were yesterday.

Custom Meals from Restaurants You Know and Love

FYTR partners with restaurants to alter existing menu items into macronutrient balanced meals. We ensure portion management by calculating your optimal caloric needs based on your physical stats and health goals. Our system also identifies ingredients that may conflict with your food-intolerance sensitivity and dietary considerations and provides appropriate substitution.

Shape Your Culinary World

Build Your Community

Whether you are eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or adhering to a strict diet due to health considerations, we know it's not always easy knowing where and what to eat. With FYTR, follow users to see recommendations and reviews from a community who shares your similar needs.

Request Your Favorites

It is our goal to continuously grow our list of restaurants and meals, but if you don’t see your favorites, there’s no need to worry. Simply make a request or upvote one submitted by the community. We’ll let you know when it’s available for you to order.

How FYTR works

No More Guesswork

The first thing you'll do when you sign up with FYTR is fill out a short survey. This gives us the information we need to calculate your optimal nutritional needs.

All Meals in One Place

Our simple to use platform displays all your recommended restaurants and meals, so you can easily search for what you're craving. Easily search by location, restaurant, cuisine or specific menu item.

Eat Where You Want

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, ordering is a breeze. Schedule your order date and time, and skip the line and pick-up. Or, if you prefer to sit down and dine-in

Enjoy the Convenience of Knowing Your Meal is Right for You

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